Saturday, 31 January 2009

Just a Typical Saturday...

Tomorrow we will have been back from India for a week, and yet I'm STILL feeling jet lagged. It doesn't help that we've been up every morning at ungodly hours and have crashed before the evening news is even on at night...but really. Luckily Auntie Mo has been around to help with the boys and add some much-needed sanity to our off-kilter household.

For his part I think Jay is having trouble reconciling the about-face his daily schedule has taken in the past six days. Instead of morning motorcycle rides and gulping beer on sunny beaches he's now cycling through cold rainy London and sitting bored through board meetings.

For my part, the other morning I had a rude shock as to the state of my mental alertness when I almost sent Eggie to school with his grey uniform trousers on backwards. I was only alerted to this potential disaster when we were walking to school hand in hand and he was tugging at his trousers complaining that they kept slipping down. I bent down to examine the problem and only then did I realize that I was staring at a comedy crotch of ill-fitting elastic sans pockets (sigh). Luckily we were right by the library so I dragged him in, and in typical "Don't-worry-about-it-i'm-your-mother" fashion, I made him quickly strip by the non-fiction section and turn them right side around. (And I thought my mom wetting her finger to wipe my dirty mouth when I was young was horrible.)

Anyway, the other night Mo kindly babysat for us while Jay and I went to watch the film 'Revolutionary Road' with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I loved it and thought the acting amazing..and Jay hated it. Typical. Saying that, I had read the book and he had not. The irony of the film being about a marriage unraveling and him really sounding off about it and nearly causing a row as we left the theatre, was not lost on me.

Tonight we're going out to a somewhat 'posh' dinner with some former colleagues of Jay's at the Hilton Park Plaza Hotel. I am looking forward to it for the simple reason that it shall give me ample opportunity to raid my neglected closet and revel in a glamorous game of 'dress up'. I shall likely go over the top and swish about in violet eyeshadow, dangly earrings and a slinky cape, whilst having just that little bit too much wine and potentially embarrassing Jay by telling all manner of silly stories about our family. On the other hand, the other guests are just as partial to a glass of this and that, so I'm sure my antics shall go largely unnoticed as usual.

Well it's time to go. I've done the laundry, ruined my manicure, had a bath, scrubbed the kitchen floor and contemplated tidying up the boys room. Egg is loudly counting to 100 in the other room (a past time he seems to enjoy these days, when he's not asking everyones age in order to ascertain how close they are to being one hundred and thereby their immanent departure from this world). Dumpie continues to soundly snore away his baby jet lag in his cot, and Jay is yet again on his phone, chit-chattering away to one of his mates.Just a typical Saturday then...

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