Saturday, 24 January 2009

"The Cost of Capitalism"

So today is our last day here in....ummm..paradise. It's mid-afternoon, scorching hot, and the boys have just eaten/spilled most of their vanilla ice-cream here in the internet cafe. The owners are being more than kind about it given that Dumps has seated himself at one of the terminals and refuses to move - thereby not allowing them to make any money. The not-so-Great British Pound continues to fall, which is unfortunate as i've chosen today to make my few purchases. Saying that I should get a good deal as the shopkeepers will no doubt be in a hurry to take whatever money is proffered just so long as I quickly usher out the destruction-prone monsters.

I am not looking forward to the return 9+hour DAY flight back to the UK, but I AM looking forward to sleeping sans Dumpie in the world's most comfortable bed (ahhhh...) I am not looking forward to the cold weather but I do suspect if I stayed here any longer I might just turn into a bona fide Kingfisher beer drinker - and that would not be good - either for my children or my no longer flat belly.

Jay is currently treating himself to a massage (I had one earlier) and it was so lovely that it begs the question as to why I didn't do it earlier - or daily for that matter - given that 1.5 hours set me back a mere eight quid. Perhaps if we move here my dreams of a personal masseuse might actually be within scope in some form or another. Saying that, in India, pretty much anything is possible...just so long as you're willing to compromise on quality. The Indian locals are loathe to let you down if they can waggle their heads, flash a huge grin and say 'Oooooh Yes M'am it is veeeeery much possible' instead.

Now, instead of kicking me out here, the husband and wife who run this internet cafe are shooting each other pained looks as the monsters run, jump and leap about squealing - disturbing everyone in here.

Okay, now my children have just exited the building and have slipped out on to the busy dirt road...bugger...I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have not able to understand the reason for keeping the title of your post in Hindi (Devnagri script) and text in English. If you have not done it purposely then there could be many reasons for this.

    There are two places where you can set language: one is at dashboard and the second is at setting - Formatting. Change it to English.

    In Setting - Basic, go to the bottom at 'Enable transliteration?' and then disable it. Re-title your post in English and publish. Your titles should change back to English.


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