Friday, 3 August 2007

And The Beat Goes On

This afternoon as I was dealing with the most devastating bowel movement Egg has ever inflicted upon me in his three short years, I happened to glance over at Dumpie who was standing in his crib, holding onto the rail and whipping my breast pads out onto the floor, one by one. From his prostrate position on the too-small change table, Egg began cheering him on and howled as a pad hit the side of my head. I was able to take myself out of the situation and see how utterly hilarious the scenario was (or maybe it seemed funnier in my sleep-deprived state) and felt grateful that throughout this whole mothering thing I have kept a steadfast grip on the comedy element. Believe me, sometimes it's all that gets you through life.

Lunch was partaken of in the West End with Jay and a few of his work collegues at an Italien eatery just steps away from where the most recent bomb scare was. It was a sweltering hot day today and even though both Egg and Dumps were doused in sunscreen I still feared for their well-being. Munching on pizza crusts and generally being well-behaved they no doubt amused their lunch companions and aside from spraying Jay's new shirt in pizza sauce the meal passed without incident. Afterwards we went upstairs to see where 'Dada' worked, and quickly made our exit after Egg destroyed one of the marker pens and began talking too loudly.

Now I sit here at the kitchen table with Egg, having a remarkably interesting conversation about all the things that he 'helps' me do. He is quick to point out what a great help he is to me given that there is a pan of freshly-made Rice Krispy Squares cooling on the counter (one of his faves) and given todays naughty behaviour he is clever enough to realise that he has some major point scoring to make up for before bedtime.

Tomorrow morning at 9am we are picking up a rental car, strapping the two fella's in car seats and taking off for an adventure 'Johnston/A-K' style. We're headed for the coast, sleeping in a motel near Rye, then taking little Egg to his mecca, 'Digger Land' on Sunday. No, it's not a spa weekend, nor is there bound to be lots of shopping opportunities or a restful nights sleep, given that we've booked a room with three single beds and we all know that Dumps and I will be doubling up. However there will be variety and comedy and a fair dose of misery I imagine (double projectile vomiting anyone?) and apparently coupled with time that equals A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E don't you know. Later…..

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