Sunday, 5 January 2014

"She Is The Dancing Queen...No Longer Seventeen...But Still Pretty Keen"

'Silent-Noising' it up...on different channels of course :)
Last night after a full day of doing sweet bloody all (well we are on holiday), it was tempting to take our beer-and-naan-stuffed bellies home and pass out.  End another day of gluttonous bliss and sun-drenched nirvana with nothing more than a handful of miniature chocolates and the soothing sound of Cafe Del Mar on the Minirig speaker.

However, given that this time my mother also happens to be holidaying in Goa with us, it seemed positively stupid not to take advantage of her babysitting skills and have her crash at our place with the monsters whilst the husband, my sis and I went off to 'Silent Noise' (a beachside 'silent' all night dance party complete with fire-eaters, trapeze gymnasts - who held the attention of a field of men enrapt for more time than you would have imagined possible - where three different dj's competed for the crowds attention on three different colour coded channels which could be adjusted by switching knobs on the giant headphones you were given at the entrance).
Seemed silly not to....
So we did.

My martini mixologist of a husband mixed up some fine espresso martini's with the remainder of my sisters vodka (I think we've already covered what happened to mine/ours) and off we headed at midnight to dance like nobody was watching.  Which of course they were.

Somehow I managed to pick up the attention of a most adorable tiny little Indian man-boy who excitedly finger-pointed his way through most of the night at me, dancing opposite me in ecstasy whilst I did my best to studiously avoid eye contact in case I broke into hysterical giggles I'd have no way of ever stopping.
We found it a touch difficult to persuade my sis to leave after she clocked onto the blue channel round about 3:30am
It was A. Lot. Of. Fun. and I totally big up the husband for taking the wise decision to drag our weary selves there with the irrefutable wisdom of 'why not?'  With my only criticism being that it's a tiny bit tricky to dance in flip-flops, there was something to be said for chucking yourself about in a frenzy of deep house heaven outdoors in the warm breeze....ahhh.

The cherry on the top of the ice-cream on top of the hot fudge sundae of a night, was my mum kindly volunteering to take the monsters out for a l-o-o-o-n-g breakfast this morning to let the husband and I indulge in some pre-kiddie-esque lie-in manoeuvering reminiscent of the good old days.  Seems we still have it.

Anyway, it being mid-afternoon now, we have ingested just about enough chai, fruit salad and spanish omelettes to make a trek to Turtle Beach a real prospect.  There will be no turtles there, but some surf-worthy waves, gently swaying palm trees, ice cold beer, and homemade finger chips.

A serious contender for best ever hangover cure :)

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