Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Sleep Glorious Sleep...Where Art Thou Sleep?"

How fast the time flies...

What began as a twinkle in one of our eyes, is now a great luscious chunk of baby.  And an alert one at that.  Must confess however, that I am feeling somewhat gypped by the lack of any real 'newborn stage' as this little guy is already sleeping on his side, can almost turn himself over, and easily raises and holds his head up for long periods with no trouble at all.

As the trauma of birth fades with every waking day, so too are the sleepless nights piling up...making minced meat of my brain.

Honestly if it weren't for my sister (the angelic 'Auntie Ba') I think there's a good chance I would have thrown myself off our fourth floor balcony by now - leaving behind nothing but a pile of mini easter creme egg wrappers and some soiled nappies.

The thought of a night of uninterrupted sleep has taken on such epic proportions in my brain that there is almost nothing I wouldn't do to try and get it (well it's a toss up between that and having a 24 hour ceasefire on breastfeeding from my insatiable infant - who in hindsight probably wasn't the best candidate for 'demand feeding').

Still, though I complain, let it be said here and now that I am hopelessly in love with my 9 lb plus little man with the piercing deep blue eyes and comically stern visage.

Babies rock.  They seriously do.  On a good day they are the most adorable creatures and so precious that your heart almost breaks when looking into their eyes as they nuzzle deep into your chest.

But after 14 hours of near constant feeding, the urge to don a metallic breast plate and lock oneself in a room with a cozy bed and a few valium is pretty overwhelming.

Just sayin'....


  1. That is the cutest baby ever

  2. Hang in there. Must see you soon!!!!!!! Rpx

  3. He is absolutely adorable.... Hope that bundle of cuteness gives mummy some sleep soon! x

  4. Oh he's absolutely beautiful! Snuggle in and enjoy. I on the other hand am in the depths of that quagmire called raising adult children. Sleep is overrated anyways. KD

  5. Oh he is so cute, I hope you're enjoying him and getting some sleep of sorts. If you have a mo, could you drop me an e-mail at as I have a proposition but I'm unable to access your e-mail through your blog. Thanks P

  6. so cute, babies are the another name of angels....

  7. me also have a baby age only 8 month she is very cute and naughty.
    Rahaa of Disney Princess Party


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