Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Middle of the Night Ramblings From A Female Zombie...

So it's 3:07am and in mere hours we are due to depart for Orlando Airport and fly 3 hours to Toronto, Canada where we shall nestle in the bosoms of our respective families - or something like that - for the next month before (FINALLY!) heading back to London...

It has been amazing living here on the beach and spending time with my father.  Dumpie now declares openly that he has no intention of ever going back to London and intends to come back here to Florida and live "forever and ever" with his Grandpa.

I will miss my morning runs along the gorgeous beach, afternoons spent on a park bench reading while the monsters terrorise the local playground, popping across the road to the (giant) grocery store for a few sundries and returning hours later laden with bags full of crazy and amazing stuff(!), getting to know the staff at Abercrombie & Fitch on a personal basis (I kid you not - saw one of them on the news the other night commenting on a local fire), and basically indulging that hidden white-trashiness which I obviously can lay claim to.

Easter passed in a flurry of chocolate, freak outs (from the chocolate) and a big Easter feast rustled up by yours truly.  Since then, a few amazing things have happened.  But more on that later (tomorrow or the next day - promise - complete with pics from the past month, which will do a far better job of explaining just what the heck I've been up to these past few weeks.)

But for now, I sit, exhauseted, contemplating the horror which is three hours sleep, and too many things to fit in too few bags.  The usual then...


  1. what amazing memories you are making for your chilre. great blog!

  2. sorry, laptop buttons sticking 'children' not chilre!


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