Wednesday, 2 February 2011

"Riding Out the Last Days of Goa..."

So one of my readers WAS right...(and thankfully encouraged me to overcome my natural inclination toward laziness regarding hesitation about getting up in time to form a pre-dawn welcoming committee for my mum and sis!)

The other day at precisely 5:15am my phone alarm went off, and I rolled my deathly tired body out of bed, put on some coffee and gently prodded Egg awake.

"Egg...time to go meet Grandma and Auntie".

Quick as a flash he was up, putting on his little hoodie and grabbing Bacon the bear under one arm.  Momentarily we were off, he excitedly chattering away in the pre-dawn darkness and me sipping my still warm coffee for dear life.

Of course as luck would have it we missed their arrival by five minutes, but that didn't stop us from barging in on them and grabbing them in bear hugs and sloppy kisses (Egg that is, not me...I'm not one for mushy sentimentality....ahem).

Since then it's been a whirlwind of giggles, excitement and contentment. Egg and Dumps are over the moon to be reunited with their Auntie and Grandma, and last night as we bid them adieu at bedtime, Dumps reluctantly let go of Auntie's hand and blew her a kiss saying, "Goodnight Sweetheart....goodnight Lovely!"  Says it all really.

Postscript:  The husband has of course taken advantage of good spirits all round to 'escape' yet again on a road trip through India...he's calling it his 'farewell tour' on the bike (this time hopefully for less than a week though?...) 

He's also being accompanied by 'Uncle Cory', a dear friend of ours from London who has squeezed in a visit before we leave and also has a penchant for Enfields and 'Indian Road Trips'.  I've gotten one text so far from the husband stating that they're in a place with bad reception - so he can't ring - bedded down in a single bed with Uncle Cory.  Cozy. 

I just hope they drive safely and return...eventually.  Despite spending several hours at a mechanics yesterday getting seven spokes replaced, they departed in high spirits clad in turquoise sunscreen, a cravat and a snug-fitting Hawaiian shirt respectively.  May the force be with them....(and umm, may I get some sort of 'wife of the year' accolade for allowing the husband a second solo road trip in as many months, 'sans famille' - or at the very least some sort of appreciation in the form of a bit of twinkling jewellry.  There's this gorgeous silver ring I've had my eye on you see...)

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