Friday, 6 February 2009

Pop Two Aspirin and Have An Early Night...Not

So last night turned out to be tamer than expected. Thirteen mothers consumed 7 large beers and 7 bottles of wine (you'll be pleased to know that my beer habit has waned since India...have now reverted back to my senses and hate the stuff again). I was home by 11 and passed out by 11:15. Only vanity forced me to wash my face and brush my teeth before bed, otherwise I was sorely tempted to do a nosedive into the middle of the bed and push the burden of ablutions to the side for one night.

You'll be pleased to know that at no point did I make any inappropriate comments or act in a manner unbefitting of someone's mother. I think this was due to the fact that I almost made myself sick on the rich thai starters of spring rolls and vegetable tempura, and what with my digestive track working overtime I had precious little energy to spare in order to make an arse of that's good.

My husband of course made me look like a goody-two-shoes by lumbering home sometime in the early hours of the morning. I'm a light sleeper so I was awoken when he arrived, even though I had begged him not to turn the lights on, bang my shins while getting into bed, or stripping me of my warm duvet cover. We both looked rather drawn this morning and it was with some trepidation that we realised that we are due to go to a party in the West End tonight. More drinking and carrying on. Help.

Auntie Mo is the reason we are able to act like carefree singles this week and paint the town red. I think she is quickly regretting her decision to help out and babysit as the monsters are in love with her and follow her around the place incessantly barking out orders and demanding treats. Dumpie even insists that Mo change his nappies and won't let me do it. Haha...

Having Mo here has been useful in another respect. Dumpie has learned two new words this week and uses them liberally...'Yay!' and 'Yuk'. When you think about it, those two words can be used to pretty much describe everything that happens in a day. (eg. A bill arrives - 'Yuk'....a donut for coffee break - 'Yay!'...You've lost five pounds - 'Yay!'...You've spotted your unwaxed legs - 'Yuk'...etc.)

Anyway, speaking of unwaxed legs, I better go and see to them. Even though I'd be a fool to bare my (albeit tanned) legs ce soir, the thought of walking around knowing what state they're in is not conducive to a good night out. Jay is on his way home now, and although we'd rather stay in and mooch around in jammies with Mr. Ben and Sir Jerry, I suspect we'll have a decent enough time when we're out and in any case we'd be fools to pass up the 'Get out of Domestic Jail Free Card' and should probably take advantage of it.

Saying that, it's cold and rainy here in London town, and there is the small matter of waxing to get down to (sigh)...

Happy Weekend Everybody...

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