Friday, 15 February 2008


Vomit vomit everywhere
In carpets, kitchen
and my hair

But that's not all we've also got
And loads of snot!

It's ruined our sheets and soiled our beds
This non-stop spewing
Makes me wish i were dead

When it comes from both ends you never know
Just when to expect
The next fetid show

Another one's due in moments i fear
As the sick 'Dumpie-lumpagous'
Is moaning quite near

Eggie lies prostrate and whining in pain
Is it possible this virus
Is going to go another round..again?!

Now i must be gone and deal with the pain
And in a few short moments
There will be another stain

No rest for the wicked and by that they mean moms
I've got two sickly boys
With two sickly tums...


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