Monday, 4 June 2007

Um....Yeah...How Do I Do This Again?

I am sitting here typing on my laptop at our dining room table, aware of Egg trailblazing through the flat wielding one of his precious plugs aloft (my phone charger i believe - given the quick glance i got as it swung precariously past my forehead seconds ago) but sufficiently tired enough not to be doing something about it. Just looked down and Dumpie is standing up by my knees, holding onto the dining room chair...must have pulled himself up!

Today is the day when things get back to normal following a 10-day whirlwind visit from my in-laws. I say whirlwind because between trips to Paris, picnics in the park, shopping excursions all over town and various dining experiences, we sure managed to fit a lot into a mere week and a half. So much so that I now have to start from scratch mentally again and resign myself to solo childcare and domestic servitude once again. Ho hum :)

Auntie Ba is in Ireland this week and with everyone at their respective jobs it's just me, Egg and Ollie...the unholy trinity. Dumps has now started eating with a vengeance, and that means it's back to concocting big batches of organic foodstuffs, freezing them and dishing them out three times a day. Personally, i'm just amazed on those days when i remember to feed, change and bathe my darling chubby chicken.

So weary am I today that i'm signing off with this rather short missive...will cut short the bemoaning, complaining and general grumbling on this occasion. For those of you who care, today, June 4th, was the day on which Dumps finally pulled himself up by the rails of his crib and stood grinning and laughing with accomplishment. If only my personal goals were as feasible (and rewarding!)

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  1. Hi Nat, I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog! I hope it is OK that Sandy shared this with me. I am passing it on to Kyla, married to my nephew Greg.
    She has a son, Lucas who will turn 2 in August at about the same time she gives birth to her second child. She, like you, is beautiful, briliiant, well educated and well spoken and suddenly finding herself in the parent role...both pregnancies were "a surprise". I am hoping to see you and your family next time you are here. I have a little gift for Noah. I hope your day goes well! My love to all!


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